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Frankly my dear, I don't give a Spam

Hey! Charlotte, 21, majoring in computer science at a liberal arts college in the midwest. Just returned from studying theatre and English in London for a term. Message me if you'd like; I'd love to hear from you! ASOIAF, LOTR, musicals, Disney, Harry Potter, FMA, Shakespeare, Star Wars, cats, family trees, nostalgia.

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Jan 18 '13

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Nov 27 '12

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Oct 30 '12
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Don’t waste your time with Karen and the Babes

Oct 15 '12

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Oct 7 '12

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Sep 29 '12

It feels like leaving two really annoying brothers who have just– I mean, it’s been relentless of what they’ve been doing to me. But with brothers, you have this love for them that just will never go away no matter what. So it is kind of like leaving family.

Aug 22 '12

Doctor Who Cast playing SKULL Game on BBC America’s NERDIST (X)

Jul 13 '12

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Jul 12 '12